No More Adsense Domain Parking

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No More Adsense Domain Parking that's what i'm gonna tell you,from my adsense panel i've received some message from adsense,they tell me these :
  1. Adsense Publisher can no longer use hosted domain for getting earnings.starts from february 22,2012.
  2. You will no longer create hosted domain from google.( march 21 )
  3. Hosted domains will become inactive and it will impossible to getting cash from it.( April 18 )
  4. Finally on june 27,Hosted domain feature will no longer available in adsense accounts.

According to this informations,you should get quickly search another hosted domain parking.Adsense was totally evaluated this feature and maybe it's caused by some traffic cheating.To continuing earning i suggest that you have to turn your DNS to another domain parking services
But,Although hosted domain features is no longer available,it won't affect to any other adsense products.So,relax guys. - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

For payments issues :
  1. If your earnings exceed the payment threshold, your account will be sent for approval for payment, and payments will be issued through the standard AdSense payment process.
  2. If your earnings do not exceed the payment threshold, but you use other AdSense products, your Hosted domains earnings will be accrued toward payment in a future period when your AdSense account does exceed the payment threshold.
  3. If your earnings do not exceed the payment threshold and you don’t use other AdSense products then the amount of accrued earnings from your hosted domains will remain as a balance in your AdSense account for as long as your account is open.
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